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What did Jerry Yang and David Filo develop and why?

Yahoo creator Jerry yang and David Filo Yahoo SEO
Had been graduate college students at stanford university in january of 1994 when they created a website that they called "jerry's manual to the arena extensive web," a directory that prepared other internet web sites right into a hierarchy.

Four months later yang and filo renamed the search engine yahoo! After a phrase utilized by jonathan speedy in gulliver's travels. Quick's definition of yahoo! Was "rudunsophisticated, uncouth."

On the give up of 1994, approximately 12 months afterits creation, yang and filo had over one million hits on their fledgling seek engine.

Expertise that that they had designed some thing that would experience capacity commercial enterprise fulfillment filo and yang incorporated yahoo! Early in march of 1995, fourteen months after its inception.

Because the name yahoo was already the brand nameof other firms, human propelled watercraft, barbeque sauce, and knives, yang and filo h…
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